Beast Production Los Angeles in association with Fastback films and Raven Banner Entertainment proudly present the full length feature film, BLOOD STAR.

Creative Development

As a Creative Content Agency we have the know how to work from scratch or build a campaign from an existing brief.

Production Company

In Content Creation its important to be well prepared and have small crews of highly skilled professionals.

Post Production

Every video production will have a designated portion of budget for post-production and we include 3 rounds of revisions in the offline stage.

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Video can help you reach more customers than any other marketing tool.

One of the best Video Production Companies in Los Angeles, West Coast & California

With a host of awards which include a Cannes Lions, Beast is one of the best Video Production Companies in Los Angeles for online and digital. Los Angeles is the hub for TV and Film Productions, and we have the privilege of being based right in the centre of it all. This means that we are in tune with everything that goes on in the media world, and we have our finger on the pulse of the video production market. This means that here at Beast we will be able to deliver the most up-to-date content creation that will keep your brand relevant in today’s ever-changing market.

Beast Los Angeles is made up of a team of video production experts with a boundless imagination that can and will turn your brand’s ideals into a unique video bursting with fierce creativity. Through the years we have gained invaluable experience working in the video production industry, and through working in the content creation capital of the world this expertise has only grown in size and broadened significantly. When it comes to your content, the sky is the limit here at Beast.

Here are just some of the amazing brands that we have worked with.

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Beast Production Company Los Angeles offers you affordable rates with 100% transparency

We are a Los Angeles production company that you can trust – we are incredibly transparent and up-front with our pricing, and we remain honest and open throughout the whole production process, working closely with your brand to deliver exactly what you want and need. You can feel secure knowing that we are a video production company that will always keep you in the know with both our process and our rates, so your brand’s future is safe with us.

Not only do we deliver video content creation of the highest calibre, but we can do so in a way that is easy on your wallet – when you approach us with your brand and vision, you can feel confident knowing that whatever budget you present us with, we will deliver work that is of the highest quality as we can fit within your bounds. You can guarantee that the content we create will be both insanely creative, effective, and (most importantly) cost-efficient.

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Here is a selection of some of the awards that we are proud to have won.

Awards Beast

We are a production company with a very modern approach.

Creative content production that is sure to reel your audience in.

As a long-standing digital content company, we are fully aware of the fact that your customers hold all the power when it comes to your brand, so we know that the most important goal to accomplish is to reel them in. As such, you will be glad to know that our storytelling expertise has been cultured over the years of producing content to result in the ability to hook an audience through narrative alone. We accomplish this through a range of storytelling devices that go beyond just a script – we understand the power of factors such as shooting style, colour palette, tone, direction, imagery, and casting.

With these tools and skills at our disposal, we will be able to influence your audience in a way that harnesses their power to the benefit of your brand. Through our complex, profound storytelling we will be able to reach out and connect with your audience on a deeply emotional and personal level to reel them in, grab their attention and awaken their desire. And this is what makes us so different to other production companies in Los Angeles.

We provide a number of different valuable services and are able to produce a number of different types of content to best suit you and your needs. Each type of content accomplishes a certain goal, so if you give us a call, we can work out exactly what it is your brand and ideas need. Our video production services range from web video production to showcase your brand to the exponentially growing internet community, to TV commercial production if you wish to take the classic advertisement approach. We have also begun to delve into the field of film production with two feature-length films in the works, and we can tell the tale of your company’s history and ethos through our brand story production services. Give us a call and we can get started on our video production journey!

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Be Different

There’s over 500 hours of video uploading to YouTube every minute of every day.

The Process

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  • Jorg Riommi, Chief Creative Officer

    We worked with Beast on many occasions. So far we have 5 Cannes Lions Shortlist and 1 Cannes Lions winner with Burger King “Whopper No Show”

    Jorg Riommi, Chief Creative Officer

“At Beast the door is open. Just pop in an we’ll get out the coffee and bagels.”
Victoria Taylor Creative Director