Video Agency Services Los Angeles

If you’re looking to produce any type of video content, whether that be for creative or business purposes, there’s a video agency out there for you. A video agency such as Beast Los Angeles will offer you the expertise, advice, ideas, and technology that you need to help you produce a video that is compelling, top-quality, unique, and accomplishes your goals to a T.

While most video agencies will work on many types of video content, the ideal video production company for you may vary depending on what type of content you are looking to produce – after all, every company has its specialisation.

Video Production Process

In order to produce a high-quality video, several factors need to be controlled and taken into consideration. These factors can either be huge and easily noticeable if neglected, whilst others may simply be minute, easily-overlooked details that can make or break a video.

This is why a video agency such as Beast Los Angeles is needed, as they have the knowledge and experience needed to understand exactly how to play with these aspects of video production. Such aspects can include things ranging from technical factors such as lighting and filming technique to creative aspects such as storytelling, mood, and tone.

The actual production process can also be incredibly complex and, at times, rather tedious, and the whole production can easily collapse if too many mistakes are made. This is also where the expertise of a video agency comes in handy, as they have collaborated with clients on enough projects to know what works and what doesn’t.

Video Agency Services Production

Video agencies will offer you a number of different services, producing a wide range of video content types. These will often include an array of marketing videos, such as:

Animation Video
Animation video can be a popular option for delivering information in a fun and engaging way. And the costs can be a good option for entering into the video marketing sphere with prices for a 2D Animation video starting at around $5000. For 3D animation a 30” video might start at around $8000 depending on the complexity.
B2B Video
Anyone re-branding their website will know the importance and value of great background video that is tailored to your brand image.
Behind the scenes
Behind The Scenes video are a great way to make more of your hero video content. So if you have the budget for a $30.000 hero video, why not add a further $2.500 for a behind the scenes video. You can use this content in all sorts of ways across your social media platforms and really engage your audience in an exciting way.
Brand Story
Brand Story videos are exactly that: You tell your story to people that want to know more about your brand. Over the years we have made many brand story videos and we pride ourselves in finding a way to make each video unique.
Branded Content Video
Branded Content videos are often event or stunts which are then recorded by video (usually multiple cameras and often under cover) and released with teasers as well as a lot of other supporting videos.
Corporate Video
The Corporate video is no longer the boring office video it once was. With big companies like Nike and Adidas pouring their marketing budgets into online, they have set the bar for incredible corporate videos that creative and innovative in almost unimaginable ways.
Explainer Videos
We have done hundreds of explainer videos so we know what the formula is to king great explainer videos. If you want to find out just drop us a line and we’ll tell you what will be the trick in creating the best explainer video for your brand.
Film Production
Film production is at the heart of Los Angeles so for a small video agency like Beast we know that film production can be achievable for our brand too.
Interview Video
Interview videos again can be creative depending on the subject matter. We always approach each interview video we make as it is the first one we have ever made – and this is the secret to creating engaging interview videos.
Luxury Travel Video
Luxury travel videos are often boring and impersonal. The thing about a travel video is that you undoubtably have some amazing looking locations, so that’s what you have to make the most of. The way to do that is by engaging your viewers emotionally.
Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics are a really useful way of creating directing and engaging messaging with your viewer.
Again when creating a video for your website it can be really useful to have a stills photographer on set and create bespoke stills for your website. Simply taking screengrabs from the hero video is not a good solution.
Promotional Video
Promotional videos are just that – they promote your brand and create awareness. Therefore having a number of short promotional videos is the best way to approach this particular type of video service.
Product Video
Product videos can be the best way of making your product look even better than they do in reality. So if you have spent lots of timing making something amazing then it makes perfect sense to photograph it properly. But creating product videos is an even better way of bringing your product to life than with stills photography. Product videos can populate your website which will bring your store to life or  be spread across social media in order to create greater brand awareness.
TV Commercials
TV commercials are now an option for almost any brand. We often find ourselves creating brand videos that suddenly are so impressive that the client wants to make more of them buy buying media on TV.
TV Title Sequence Design
Designing TV title sequence is a really niche skill. You have to be able to create in just 30″ an intro that hooks the viewer and gets them to want to watch the TV show.