Motion Graphics

The importance of Motion Graphics for online digital content

Motion Graphics

In the digital world using Motion Graphics instead of VO is a great way of getting your point across in a really direct and immersive way. In Los Angeles we are spoilt for choice when it comes to amazing Post-Production house that offer all kinds of VFX. At Beast Los Angeles we do have our inhouse Motion Graphics department and for any more complex VFX jobs we will partner up with companies that we usually work with. Having a trusting and ongoing partnership with other companies is crucial for any digital content production company in Los Angeles.

It’s amazing how you can use different Motion Graphics styles and techniques in order to connect with a particular audience and age group. Even down to the font you choose will make the difference between something being friendly and approachable of serious and scientific. As for the actual motion and complexity of animation – well there are no limits there.

Our head Motion Graphic designer was previously lead designer and Bolder Creative and before that at Fold7. With tremendous experience and a wealth of talent he not only still designs but is also mentor to the new wave of talent that is bursting onto the scene.

Here is a good example of Motion Graphics with almost no motion at all!