Brand Story Video

Brand Video Production Company Los Angeles

The internet isn’t just a new, trendy gimmick anymore who’s only purpose is to entertain the masses with cat videos – the online sphere is a widely-used tool used for a myriad of different purposes that is here to stay.

With the internet being integral to modern life, it’s no wonder why so many brands have been leaping onto this bandwagon and taking advantage of the fact that the internet allows you to connect with millions – if not billions – of people. Simply put, you can expose your company to an absolutely huge number of potential customers, which can really make your business take off.

Enter the brand video – the new staple of online marketing, or even marketing as a whole. With customers becoming more and more detached from traditional methods of “selling” as they become exposed to so many brands a day, brand video is the best way to capture their ever-shortening attention, provided it is done right.

So, how exactly do you do it right? Well, there are very specific points that you need to hit when making a brand video, some of which require a lot of expertise to figure out and weave into a beautiful video; and what better place to find such expertise than in a brand video production company!

Brand video production agencies such as Beast Los Angeles are your go-to if you are considering producing a brand video for your company – made up of a team of highly-skilled video production experts, we can help you figure out every single little detail of your video and create something that is highly engaging, compelling, entertaining, and – most importantly – effective. The audiences of today crave a personal connection with the brands they engage with, so it’s our duty to make sure your video can accomplish exactly that. This will usually be done through an array of narrative and visual devices, the most important of which being an engaging story.

When it comes to connecting with our customer, you’ll almost certainly know that the consumer is a very different person today, than they were as little as 10 years ago; and they are continuing to evolve at a dramatic rate. They have become choosy and savvy in this saturated market place. They demand more from products, which many have become more of a lifestyle choice than ‘just a product’. Brands must now connect with their customers on an honest and personal level because the consumer is connecting with them as part of a lifestyle choice. The psychology is simple. If you share your time and truths with me, then I will share mine with you. Beast video content knows that the video format offers a fantastic opportunity for brands to do this. They can deliver a brand image and story, a tone and message in less than 10 seconds. Video can reach your customer faster and more precisely than any other medium.

Every brand has a story to tell, a starting point or an inspiration. Once the target market is identified, the brand story video can deliver that narrative to your customer very effectively and very quickly.

How Do I Make a Good Brand Video?

As mentioned previously, a brand video must meet certain requirements in order to effectively capture your target demographic. One of the most important things you must include when producing a brand video is a compelling story – with today’s oversaturated market, it’s vital that you capture your audience before they click away from your video to find something more entertaining. You can do this by providing them with a narrative and story that engages them and makes them connect with your brand more easily – after all, everybody loves a good story! Of course, the story must be relevant to your brand in some way so that your viewers can understand who you are and what it is you offer. Another way of building a connection with your audience is through rather subliminal, yet highly effective means. Our filmography experts here at Beast Los Angeles know exactly how to play with music, scripting, lighting, filming angles and colour palette in order to evoke a certain emotion or reaction from your audience. This is a sure-fire way of compelling your viewership to feel a certain way about your brand, so they subconsciously form an emotional connection with you and feel more engaged with your product. Of course, in addition to all of this, the technical side of your video must be top-tier, too – expensive camera equipment isn’t always the answer depending on the type of feel you are looking for in your video (although it certainly doesn’t hurt!), but making sure your video is visually engaging and that the editing is spot-on is important to make sure your video looks and feels high-quality. Our experienced videographers know exactly how to do just that, with a wide arsenal of filming equipment to capture the shots and angles that will make your brand video pop. Another fundamental factor you must keep track of is your goals. Why are you making this brand video? What do you want to accomplish by posting it? The answers to these questions are what we will try to establish first before any sort of production begins. In the first interview we will initially talk through your ideas and what you hope to achieve, and help you find a way to convey these messages through your video so that it accomplishes the exact goals you want it to accomplish. It’s important that these goals are revisited often throughout the brand video production process, as the video must stay focused throughout without much straying. If you wander too far and too often from your main message, you may find that your brand video will not achieve exactly what you want it to and it may instead leave your audience confused about what your brand is trying to say.