Digital Content Production Company in Los Angeles

Advertising strategies have changed and evolved considerably since the days of old – as a matter of fact, customers in the modern age actually detach from shallow, flashy advertisement that used to reel people in, and instead demand a deeper connection with brands. This is due to a shift in society’s mentality that products are more than ‘just a product’, but instead are a lifestyle choice that the consumer must be able to connect with on a personal, honest level. As such, if you are interested in digital content production, your strategies need to evolve too.

There’s no doubt about the fact that the digital world has had its ‘big bang’, and it is now deeply engrained in our society and the way we live. As of July 2020, almost 4.57 billion people are actively involved in the online sphere – that’s almost 59% of the entire global population! This number is only going to increase as time goes on, so now’s the perfect time to seize this opportunity and take advantage of this new, huge platform.

Digital content production in Los Angeles

If you are looking to advertise your brand to as large of an audience as possible, then digital content is absolutely the way to go. Though many people still watch traditional TV, it is steadily becoming replaced by online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and HBO as more and more people begin to turn to the digital world. As a result, brands need to conform to this shift too, as creating digital content will allow your product to reach a huge audience of active users.

Digital content also provides you with a lot more options for getting your brand out to the right people, too – data is collected from everyone who uses the internet and is used for advertising purposes. If you’ve ever wondered why almost every website you go on is offering you cookies, know that they aren’t the delicious kind; rather, they’re used by advertisers to deliver personalised ads to you.

This is an advantage for many brands as this allows their digital content to be shown to their specific demographic, which ensures more efficient and successful advertising.

Additionally, advertising through digital content is significantly cheaper than traditional TV advertising. Buying a spot in the adverts segment of a TV channel will end up costing you a lot more than simply purchasing a sponsored post on Instagram or Facebook.

Creating effective digital content

Taking advantage of the vastness and popularity of the internet and creating digital content all sounds well and good, but you need to consider the details of your video, and how to best produce it so that it accomplishes your goal.

Cue a digital content production company such as Beast Los Angeles – we will walk you through the steps of creating digital content that is effective and engaging. First, we will gather your ideas and lay them out in a way that makes sense, and take into account the message you want to get across to your viewership. From this we can begin to decide on the tone and theme of your digital content so that we can eventually produce a video that is in line with your branding and product.

The most important factor to keep in mind is the story of your digital content; as mentioned previously, audiences nowadays need to feel a personal connection with a brand in order to choose a product, as this product is seen as more of a lifestyle choice. As such, creating a story through your digital content is the best, most effective way to get the consumers to feel an emotional connection with your brand. Again, a Los Angeles-based digital content production company is who you should go to in order to help you with this, as crafting an engaging story can often be a challenging, daunting task.

In this regard, the script is very important as it will dictate the direction of storytelling, but conveying a story takes more than just a script – the overall tone is an incredibly important factor in making your audience feel a certain way about your brand and product, and with the help of a film production agency in Los Angeles, you can navigate your way through the aspects that make up the tone of the video. For instance, the musical score is remarkably effective at setting the mood of a video, as is the shooting style and the colour palette. The camera used can also be effective (i.e. handheld camera vs. smartphone vs. professional camera), as can the location of the shoot, and even casting choices.

Digital content doesn’t just have to be limited to videos, either; many brands nowadays promote themselves through photos, such as on social media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.