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Web Video Production Company in Los Angeles

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two decades, it should be abundantly obvious to you just how huge the internet is nowadays. I mean seriously, 59% of the entire world’s population actively uses the internet on a near-daily basis, and it has become a necessity in modern life. Everything is done online now such as clothes shopping, working and even talking to your friends and family, and we continue to discover new ways to use the internet to replace traditional means of going about our daily lives (Zoom meetings, anyone?)

With such a huge number of daily users across the globe on the internet, some of the more business-oriented of you may recognise the incredible opportunities this kind of audience offers – and you would be absolutely correct. The prevalence of the internet in modern society is perfect for getting your brand or company known and out there for millions – nay – billions of people to see.

Web video production is an excellent way to introduce your brand, product or company to the world – currently, web videos account for 80% of all internet traffic, and with the popularity of the internet growing almost exponentially, this number’s trajectory can only go up. Not convinced on how marvellous this is yet? Let’s go through the pros of web video production.


Web Video Production Company in Los Angeles
Web Video Production Company in Los Angeles

Web video production Los Angeles

Web video production is probably the best way to promote your brand in this modern age, and here at Beast Los Angeles we’ll tell you why.

Firstly, it is a lot simpler to do (and cheaper!) than creating a traditional TV commercial. With the traditional method, you have to use many more resources and have a larger budget in order to reserve a slot in the advertisement segment on your TV channel of choice. On the other hand, with web video production you can accomplish the same goal with a lot less resources, and still be left with a decently-sized wallet afterwards! For example, it’s completely free to post a video on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, and you will be sure to reach a huge audience of viewers still.

Additionally, when you post a video showcasing your brand online, it won’t disappear once the advertisement segment is done like it would on traditional TV – it will remain there well after it’s posted, so you can continue to reach potential customers for a long time after you post your web video. And it costs nothing to keep it up there!

Web video content is also incredibly easy to continuously promote thanks to the existence of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as not only can you share your own video on your brand’s social media, but other social media users can share it on their own profiles as well, leading to exponential growth. This is fantastic for business growth as your brand will start to appear everywhere, giving the impression of wide reach and authority, and also exposing a huge number of people to your web video.

Creating effective web video content

But where do you start when creating a web video for your brand? Well, one of the best (and most convenient) routes to go down is enlisting the help of a web video production agency on the West Coast (such as us, Beast Los Angeles!). A web video production company will guide you through the production process and offer their expertise to help you create a powerful, effective, engaging web video for your company.

The beauty of web videos is that they feel more ‘human’ than TV commercials – nowadays, customers prefer to make connections with a brand that feel personal, so promoting your product through a means that feels more intimate than traditional TV (which can often feel disconnected) is a great way to build a sense of trust with your audience.

You can also accomplish a similar goal through the actual content of your video (something that your Los Angeles web video production agency will help you with). You would be surprised at how many factors play a hand in the way an audience feels towards a brand – shooting style, tone, colour palette, and musical score can all influence the emotions of the viewer, which will in turn make the viewer feel a certain way towards your product. It’s important to use this to your advantage and portray your product and message in a way that will be appealing to your target demographic. Beast Los Angeles will work with you to define your brand’s ideals and goals and help you clearly and effectively convey these messages to your viewership via your web video.