Directed by Lawrence Jacomelliu and starring Britni Camacho and John Schwab.

Roberta “Bobbi” Torres, a young Latina pick-pocket from New Jersey, is driving through the desert back to her abusive boyfriend, when she is pulled over and tormented by a local Sheriff. Out on the empty desert highway the Sheriff toys with her for a while before shooting at her car which crashes and she is forced to run away on foot. She makes her way to a diner but soon finds out that she is trapped inside with the Sheriff parked outside waiting for her. She uses her street-smarts to escape him and leaves the diner with waitress Amy. Further along the highway Amy is shot dead by the Sheriff . Bobbi seeks refuge at a junkyard but when Ed the owner turns out be the sheriffs brother Bobbi is subjected to a night of terror and she must turn the tables on them if she is to survive.

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