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If you are looking for top-quality video content that pops, then Beast Los Angeles is exactly the video production company you need. Our team consists of highly skilled experts in all of the areas of video creation you need to produce a visually and narratively compelling video, including directing, post-production, filming, editing and production. Our team members are simply brimming with out-of-this-world ideas to make our next project miles better than the last, and this boundless creativity will bring your video content to the next level and set it apart from all the rest. We will always punch above our weight and shoot for the stars to produce video content that is compelling and stunning, every time.

We are lucky enough to have an office based in the very heart of the entertainment industry – Los Angeles. Being so close to the epicentre of it all means that we have our finger on the pulse of the entertainment and marketing sphere, so we are always up-to-date on what’s “in” right now. This is especially important in the every-changing media market where people’s wants and needs seem to evolve on a near-daily basis. With this knowledge and awareness of the video production landscape, we can make your video content extremely relevant so that it appeals to the customers of today, making your brand that much more relatable to your audience.

Making your brand relatable to your viewership is so important in this day and age – with thousands of brands constantly shoving themselves into consumers’ faces, the fact of the matter is that customers are immune to most forms of advertising nowadays. In this modern age, especially with the prevalence of the internet, it takes more than pushy marketing to capture customers’ attention. People now want to build a personal connection with brands before they engage with them – choosing a product has become more of a lifestyle choice to people as opposed to a simple throwaway decision. As such, it is important to adapt your video content to this shift in interests, and here at Beast Los Angeles we know exactly how to do that.

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On top of keeping your video subject relevant to the current landscape of the media industry, one of the best ways to form the vital emotional connection with your viewers is to build a story within your video. As well as a written script and story outline, other things need to be added to the story skeleton to create something truly compelling. When it comes to video content, you have the creative freedom to toy with different aspects of said video such as lighting, filming style and angle, colour palette, music, casting, and so much more. You will find that video is an incredibly flexible format to work with, so with the help of a video production agency such as Beast Los Angeles you will be able to produce a truly unique video for your brand.

Another thing to keep in mind is that engaging with your audience comes down to more than just creating one video – rather, it’s important to view your brand’s video content as more of a campaign. This will allow you to really build a story and engage with your audience, and for that you need a video production company you can rely on. Beast Los Angeles is an incredibly reliable agency that you can truly entrust your brand’s marketing future with – we communicate openly throughout the whole process, are dedicated to helping you realise your ideas throughout your video production journey, and are professional and friendly, making us an ideal partner for your video production future.

Los Angeles Video Production Company
Los Angeles Video Production Company

Our skillset is incredibly diverse, with experience producing a number of different types of video. We specialise in a wide array of genres ranging from corporate videos to luxury travel videos, fashion videos to tv commercials, and more. Having worked on so many projects of varying subjects for various clients, we know exactly how to navigate video production to make it efficient and (mostly) problem-free, as well as how to capture ideas and turn them into full-fledged productions.

Our first step will be to sit down with you and talk through your brand’s goals and ideals to really get a grasp of your company’s image and ethos. We will also discuss your budget and timeframe – our flexible approach to video production means we can work within almost any bounds you give us while still producing content that is of a high quality. With these factors in mind, we can then begin to draw up an outline for your video, deciding on story, mood, and other more nitty-gritty technical aspects. Once we have everything planned, organised and booked, we are ready to begin production!

Our Los Angeles video production services include;  Branded Content VideoCorporate Video, Event Videos, Fashion Video, Interview, Lifestyle, Motion Graphics, Photography, Promotional Videos, Sport, Luxury Travel Video, TV Commercials.