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Promotional Video Production Company in Los Angeles

One of the best ways to promote your company, brand, or product is through online promotional video – when done right, the promotional video can be highly engaging, informative and creative, and will accomplish whatever goal you need it to carry out, whether that be bringing in more sales, increasing brand awareness, educating your audience or increasing engagement. It’s important to create a promotional video that is visually engaging and appeals to your target consumer base, without being too overt.

Take M&S’ 2017 “Adventures in Wonderfood” promotional video; not only was it extremely visually engaging, with high-contrast colours and stellar editing, but it promoted their luxury food products in a way that was subtle and not too in-your-face, yet still shone them in an appealing light. This is the effect that you should want to aim for when producing a promotional video for your own brand.

Creating engaging promotional video

There are many stages that go into the development and production of a promotional video, all of which require a lot of brainstorming and thought in order for the final product to be exactly how you want it to be and more.


Identifying your goal

The primary step you must take is identifying what your goal is; we skimmed over some of the more common ones such as increasing brand awareness, educating customers or driving traffic. It’s vital to identify your goal and what you want your promotional video to accomplish when it is received by the viewer, as this will be something you keep in mind throughout the whole production process. If you have multiple goals, then it may be better to create multiple videos rather than trying to cram it all into one video, as this may confuse your customers.

Promotional Video Production Company in Los Angeles
Promotional Video Production Company in Los Angeles

Choosing direction and tone

The next stage will be deciding what direction you want your promotional video to go in, and what tone you want it to convey. There are several directions that are possible to take when producing your video – you may want to use a narrative that utilises story elements, or a testimonial-style video. This is often where your goal will play in, so be sure to fit your direction to suit your goal.

The tone is the next most important thing as it will decide how your promotional video is going to make your audience feel. The tone will appeal to your viewers’ emotions and make them feel a certain way, so there’s a wide range of tones you can go for, from dramatic to conversational, quirky to luxurious. This, too, will depend on your goal for your promotional video.

The Theme

Next up, and one of the most important steps of them all, is the theme of your promotional video. This includes several distinct factors and aspects to video production, and will include things such as casting, script and styling. This will be the visual side of your promotional video and will be made up of what shots you want to have in your video, the colour palette, the art direction, grading and music. This is where you can get creative and put all of your ideas into play!


And last (but definitely not least) we have post-production, where minor touch-ups are made, and small errors are fixed.

Promotional Video Production Company in Los Angeles
Promotional Video Production Company in Los Angeles

Promotional video production on the West Coast

All of these different steps are a lot to manage by yourself, however, and you may not have the right technical or artistic expertise to organise and put together a quality promotional video. In this case, should your budget allow, you should hire a promotional video production company in Los Angeles. They will take over these more complicated aspects and collaborate with you to hear out your ideas and work on a video that will best convey your message. Beast Los Angeles will be able to work within whatever budget you have in mind and we will have a chat with you to determine what your ambitions and goals are and what effect you hope to have on your audience. Here is an example of our work – a promotional video that we created for Herbalife:

The promotional video field is one that encourages creativity and uniqueness, and there are many different directions you can take to broadcast your message. One huge advancement that we feel will create a big impact in the promotional video sphere is virtual reality (AKA “VR”). As such, it’s important to employ experts that not only understand the technical side of current technologies, but also have a longer-term vision that includes new technologies and what the future of the industry holds. VR can open up a whole new world of opportunities for promotional video, such as immersing you in a crowd to evoke the feeling of sharing an experience with others, which can act as an impactful emotional trigger.