Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes videos are a great way of surprising your audience.

All film making is fake, so as a film maker what you are always trying to do is in-bed your story in as much reality as possible. With Cambridge Audio we knew that we had to write the script based on the locations and props that would be readily available and fit into the tight budget of a video production for online delivery. We decided that this would be a great video to shoot a behind the scenes for, because we would be able to show all of the little tricks and all the hard work that went into this award winning brand story video by Beast.

Behind the scenes videos show the hard work and all the fun too.

In film making preparation is key, because every minute even every second of a shoot day when you have a full crew, actors and clients all waiting and expecting every shot to be achieved, is precious. But as film maker and creatives it’s important to have an open mind. Don’t make the mistake of being blinkered because film making is also all about scooping up those little surprise that come along the way. You have to be open to new ideas at every step of the way and to do this you have to set out with the right attitude and enthusiasm. That’s another reason why at Beast we love to make behind the scenes videos – it helps us remember not just all the hard work and sacrifices but also the fun times.

Use a behind the scenes video to boost your content campaign.

As a brand using a behind the scenes video to create more interest in your brand and indeed generate a buzz about the main video you are making. But more than that you can include small snippets of interview from the crew and the cast, let them offer their thoughts on the project. There’s an insatiable appetite for good content, so when you have a professional film crew for the day, if they love the job they are doing you can maximise this and add it into your campaign with a professional behind the scenes video.