TV Title Sequence Design

How can you make a really good title sequence?


The secret to creating a really professional TV title sequence is to grab the attention of your audience from the very first shot. Set out your stall from the get go and make sure your audience knows exactly what they are getting in to.

Know your genre

Establish clearly the genre of the program that you are creating the TV title sequence for and make all of your aesthetic choices with this in mind. Tone, colour palette, shot design and content is all decided based on the kind of audience and the progamme they want to watch. For example a horror show might be dark and moody and a period drama light and airy.

Keep your font small

Choose a font that fits the genre and keep your font small. It’s a common mistake to use font that is way oversized. This often looks clumsy and amateurish. Again, hone in on your genre and make all of your choices with this in mind. A Horror TV series might have something gothic and heavy whilst the period drama might be serif and wistful.