Product Videos

How to make a great product video

If you are thinking about creating a product video it’s really important to understand that to do it properly you do need a budget for good equipment and a good crew. Let’s say you want to shoot a watch that retails for $300. You wouldn’t cut corners on the production of the watch. Creating the product video of those watches is the final step, and the goal of the video is to make them look even better in the product videos than they do in real life – and in real life they look amazing! What’s for sure is, if they don’t look as good in the videos then whatever time and money you have spent will have been wasted.

Here are 5 tips if you want to make a great product video

If you are considering creating product videos or demo videos then there are a few things to consider before you get started.

  1. Make you shots look professional by using slow tracking moves. The way you move the camera around or up to a product changes the perspective and helps top create really dramatic images as well as show all the detail and beauty of your product.
  2. It’s important to use high end cameras with at least 16bit colour depth and combine this with good glass. What this means is you need really sharp prime lenses with a low f-stop which allows you to create shallow depth of field which in turn creates really seductive product videos.
  3. Here you definitely need an expert in product video photography. You can save a lot of time and money by hiring a really good lighting cameraman for a studio shoot. That up-front cost will be repaid 100-fold with the final quality but also the amount of shots that a good qualified professional will produce in just one shoot day.
  4. Art direction – you’ll need an art director to lay out your product and make little set ups that the photographer or videographer can then create there work from. Having small props and situating the product in a particular location will make all the difference.
  5. Editorial and final colour correction. When you have 30 shots of the same watch or bottle of vodka it can sometime get confusing. Here’s where you need a qualified editor to step in an make those choices for you. There is no substitute for experience and using people that are dedicated to a specific job role. It’s something that becomes second nature. Finally adding the colour correction is what brings out the final gloss and makes something that might seem flat and ordinary suddenly go pop.