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10 Tips to Help Improve Your Internal Communications Videos in 2021

This article provides 10 tips to help improve your internal communication videos in 2021.

Improving  your internal communication is a crucial part of your business. If your employees have difficulties communicating effectively, your work environment is going to suffer and so will the productivity. Just recently, top level CEOs, affirmed that a successful business looks not only to create long-term value for their shareholders, but also takes time and effort to invest in their employees.

Internal communication is a series of processes that take care of the information flow around the company. The manners by which CEOs, or executives, communicate with middle line managers or base employees affects the company in a deeper level than you might think.

Usually, having an effective internal communication, means being an open door company. According to surveys and research, around 70 percent of employees don’t understand the corporate strategy, and 40 percent of them feel as if the managers are not clear about the company’s vision. This confusion messes the whole workflow and plummets the company productivity and efficiency.

If your employees are encouraged to come forward and express their concerns or confusions, it makes sure that they understand the company mission and are on board with the objectives. This technique will definitely help improve your internal communication videos in 2021 in Los Angeles USA West Coast.

However, there are more efficient ways to help improve your internal communication videos in 2021. First, you need to have an internal communication strategy in order to improve your internal communication. Second, you need to understand that communication with email throughout your departments is a thing of the past. Instead, integrate video into your internal communication strategy to help improve your internal communication videos in 2021.

You see, around 90 percent of internal communication experts think that video has become an essential tool for internal communications. In fact, these days, it’s expected that companies in Los Angeles USA West Coast will deliver information through video. I mean why not?

Videos have a huge impact to help improve your internal communication videos in 2021. Think about it. We all enjoy watching a couple minutes of good content. In addition, most workers  find videos helpful with understanding the business. Even high level executives watch company-related videos on a weekly basis. That’s a testament to help improve your internal communication videos in 2021.

You might ask how to  integrate videos in your internal communication strategy? Below we have listed 10 tips that will help improve your internal communications videos in 2021.

10 Tips to Help Improve Your Internal Communications Videos in 20211.CEO update videos

CEO videos or CEO updates are something that almost every worker in the company looks forward to.

That doesn’t only apply to workers. Even, outsiders not working in the company look up to top level CEOs. Often, we find ourselves googling CEOs of global giants, since we are naturally curious on what they’re like, their routines and personalities in general.

That shows that CEO updates are very appealing to your workforce, which is why you should place great importance on them.

Imagine receiving an email from as a CEO update. Although you’re going to read that carefully, you notice that all emotion is lost in an email. Email communication is a more detached way of internal communication.

On the other hand, receiving a CEO video message, will reduce that unfamiliarity gap with your CEO and also establish trust. This happens since videos are a more personal way of communication. While they say that a photo is worth a thousand words, one minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. Think about that.

A CEO video will make the far seem near with your employees.

  1. Human Resource Videos

Human resource videos are a vital part in the HR department in Los Angeles USA West Coast. The HR department handles recruitment, payroll, employment policies, and employee training. Good human relations, and good human resource videostranslate to a good work environment.

For instance, HR departments in most global giants, like Amazon and Microsoft, or other global companies in Los Angeles USA West Coast use human resource videos for several reasons.

For starters, HR videos reduce training time and cost. Besides that, HR videos are available anytime, anywhere.

Think about remote workers. You might have to conduct interviews or handle training. Using human resource videos instead of long emails, will make those employees feel more connected to their peers and also provide visual help.

Don’t ignore online learning. It might just be the future of learning.

  1. 10 Tips to Help Improve Your Internal Communications Videos in 2021Internal Corporate Videos

If you currently have in place, weekly or monthly newsletters, internal corporate videos should replace those permanently. The benefits are huge.

Usually, in a company environment, a lot of information is being passed around. It is estimated that the average office workers receive around 100 emails per day. Imagine having to read through all those emails. That will negatively impact the mood, focus and productivity of your employees.

On the other hand, using internal corporate videos, is going to be very useful. Videos are highly convenient to traditional mediums, very practical and cost-effective also.

Statistically, using internal corporate videos will sky rocket your employee engagement.

10 Tips to Help Improve Your Internal Communications Videos in 20214.Business Update Videos

Business updates range in their levels of importance. However, since they happen almost daily, you should put a good amount of effort so you could have an effective internal communication.

Not every update is good. Some news can be bad, which in turn might frighten your audience and invoke feelings of discomfort on them.

Let’s say you have to give an important business update. Whatever it is that needs to be said , sending an email won’t cut it. Sure, you can include, highlight, and bullet point everything important, but remember that all emotion is lost in text communication.

However, when you distribute a video for your internal communications, in this case business updates, that will be very useful for your internal communication strategy. That applies because video allows for fast and efficient information flow with the whole world, at a moments notice.

10 Tips to Help Improve Your Internal Communications Videos in 2021

5. Connecting your employees

Connecting your employees should be one of your main areas of focus. Earlier we mentioned that top level CEOs, focus not only on their shareholders,  but also invest time and great effort into their employees.

One of the best ways to connect your employees  is to make the feel that they belong. The feeling of belonging is essential to humans. For that you can host a number of different events in order to engage with your employees.

However, having someone film those events, and then share it within the company will surely affect your workforce positively. Think about it. Yes, remembering the events and fun times you had with your coworkers is good, but  having a highlights video and being able to watch and reminisce, will only amplify your feelings of belonging, and in turn connect your employees in Los Angeles USA West Coast.


  1. Launch an internal social network

Using videos for your internal comms should not  be done over email. It’s not practical and surely not efficient.

On the other hand, implementing internal social networking into your internal communication strategy encourages people to connect with each other. If you think about it : social media has revolutionized human behavior. You can use this to your advantage, since social media is such a powerful tool.

Thus, creating an internal social network for your team will surely help improve your internal communications in 2021 in Los Angeles USA West Coast. Moreover, in an internal social network it’s easier to post videos. Not just you, but also employees should be encouraged to engage within your social platform.

Thus, using videos for your internal comms is going to be way easier when you have a social platform to upload it to.


  1. Use mobile tools

It’s very clear that mobile devices have transformed how companies operate. Mobile tools allow employees, across different geographic locations such as Los Angeles USA West Coast to communicate with work efficiently.

According to research, companies that have in place a highly effective internal communication strategy, are 7x more likely to implement leading-edge communication tools.

Thus, using mobile tools will improve your internal communication strategy deeply. Not only it allows distributing videos in a more efficient way, since most employees spend more time on their pocket devices,  but also keeps your communication channels open at all times for every member of your company.

  1. Use metrics

Take these two scenarios into consideration and think about which one would have a more positive impact:

  • A video report that includes data graphs, quarterly results, and growth statistics in order to promote focus in a specific area, (using metrics) or
  • A dull email that tells employees on what they should focus in order to reach the company goals

It is evidently clear that by using metrics in reports, you are more likely to have employees with the potential of growth. This happens because introducing visual cues, and providing some visual content regarding internal growth, allows your team to see exactly where they should focus without you having to tell them explicitly. Remember that using metrics  will speak louder than words and greatly improve your internal communication strategy.


  1. Check on your team regularly

Check on your team regularly. You can’t expect to simply hire a number of talented individuals and then just sit back and enjoy what they produce. That is never the case.

Employees need maintenance. One of the most efficient ways to identify a problem within your team is to hold stay interviews. Stay interviews are one of the most efficient internal communication ideas to check on your team regularly and keep the people you want in your team.

Your employees should meet one-on-one with your human resource personnel, or even CEOs or high level executives. Even if they can’t meet in person for any type of reason, you can again implement video to effectively communicate with your employees. HR personnel simply conduct an online interview from whatever location your employee is, so you could check on your team regularly.

Keep in mind that sometimes a simple routine stay interview shows your employees that you still think and care about them, and that can identify a problem that you weren’t previously aware of.

10 Tips to Help Improve Your Internal Communications Videos in 2021

10. Produce Professional Videos for Your Internal Communications

Videos for internal communications will transform the communication in your company in Los Angeles USA West Coast. That has been made clear until now. However, if your video content is not professional and visually appealing, your message may be misinterpreted or ignored.

Luckily you can easily create videos with tools such as:

  • Snagit
  • ScreenFlow
  • iMovie

These are some simple apps that enables you to produce good videos for your internal communications in Los Angeles USA West Coast. However, sometimes you don’t have the time to create good content, so you need someone to do it for you.

That problem can be solved by hiring an internal communication video agency in Los Angeles USA West Coast to produce videos for your internal communications.

You need to have these videos produced as efficiently as possible. These internal communication video production companies in Los Angeles USA West Coast will greatly simplify your work in creating video content for your internal communications.

With a lot of Internal Communication Videos Production companies in Los Angeles USA West Coast, we have listed some of the best, so you won’t have to do a lot of research. Check each of them out and see which fulfills your requirements.


These are some Internal Communication Video Agencies based in Los Angeles USA West Coast like Beast. They especially are very efficient when it comes to employee experience which will be a benefit for your internal communication strategy.