Sebastien Zanella

Sebastien Zanella Director / Photographer

An artist, a poet a filmmaker, Zanella is unique to the core. If you are lucky enough to grab this guy aside of his hundreds of personal projects which include creating books, online magazine’s, and chasing the wave’s around the world, you will have something close to magic in what he will create for you. From the shores of Aquitaine in France Zanella’s main inspiration comes from the waves. His love of the sea bleeds into everything he does. An accomplished surfer himself his water photography is exquisite and his ability to take his audience with him into the waves is extraordinary. His work transcends regular filmmaking, and his films push the audience into a space far more ethereal. Zanella’s filmmaking is evocative. He cant make film without meaning. Poetry is at the core of everything he does, whether it has words or not.