TV commercials

Commercial Video Production Company in Los Angeles, West Coast & California

The demand for new TV content has risen significantly over the past few years, with names such as Netflix and Amazon Prime taking the television and film scene by storm. Consequently, this has opened up a myriad of opportunities for commercial video production companies as brands try to reel in their audience in new, exciting ways.

With Netflix aiming to invest a whopping $17 billion into the TV and film industry, it’s no wonder commercial production companies situated in Los Angeles (such as Beast) and brands alike are positively leaping at this opportunity to get into an incredibly successful area and reach a wider viewership.

Creating an effective commercial video

This all sounds good on paper, and you may have convinced yourself that throwing yourself at commercial video production is the path to success – however, it does no good to leap into commercial video production without any thought, ideas, or goals, as this will be reflected in your commercial. In order to generate an effective commercial video, you must identify the reason why you are creating this video in the first place, and what you hope to accomplish.

Here in Los Angeles, Beast is a commercial video production company that will help you develop these ideas slowly and gradually nurture them to life until they can be translated into a full-fledged commercial video. We will first help you identify the goals you hope to accomplish and the message you want to communicate, and once these ideas are clear we will walk you through how to make this idea connect with the audience. Once we have defined an angle and a direction in which we will take this commercial, we will begin to work on a director’s treatment.

The director’s treatment consists of two angles: agency creative approach and director’s creative approach. It is often used to pitch a director’s idea and convey their vision to both the client and the commercial video production crew to ensure that everyone is on the same page, and so will lead to a smooth process with (hopefully) few hiccups or misunderstandings.

The director’s creative approach will focus on several aspects of the production of the commercial video:

Direction and tone

Once you have a goal laid out, you can begin to decide on the direction and tone of your commercial piece.

Tone is important as it ‘sets the mood’ of your video and will give your viewer a slight nudge towards a certain emotion. This can be accomplished through imagery and references, which will communicate a specific feeling to the audience that can influence the way they perceive your brand. Music is also an excellent tool in carrying out this task, too – a brilliant score can move people almost as well as the story can.

The direction is also essential in helping you realise your goal in your commercial video – this will dictate whether your video will tell a story through narrative elements, or whether you will instead go for a documentary-like style.


The style is the next most important thing, and is made up of a variety of different factors. For instance, shooting style will play a role in portraying the mood and genre that you want to go for – if you’re aiming for a story with action-heavy sequences that will get your audience’s heart pumping, then you may need to shoot fast-paced shots that will require a steady camera, or perhaps even a camera car and a drone. However, stories that are more emotional will require a different shooting style, such as using a hand-held camera for a more intimate feel.

Colour palette is also important – have you ever noticed how in a movie or TV show, different cities may have completely different colour palettes? Colours can be used in order to help set a certain mood, and so it would be a good idea to take advantage of this to help convey your tone.



Here at Beast Los Angeles, casting is of high importance to us when it comes to producing a successful commercial video, and selecting a good cast is important in conveying your tone or message efficiently.



Using the best camera technology on the market isn’t always the way to go for every commercial video (though not to say we don’t have it here at Beast Los Angeles!) – for every job there is a suitable tool, and we aim to always find it. A low-fi style is best accomplished using a low-fi approach such as filming with a smartphone, for instance. For scenic shots that require high-quality footage, we can then talk about whipping out the big guns (or, rather, cameras).



Post-production is often the final step in producing a commercial video, and is used to refine and touch up your piece through making minor tweaks and smoothing over errors.