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The Best Places to Film in the U.S.A

The Best Places to Film in the U.S.A

The U.S.A has such diverse landscapes and scenery that you will find no matter the shot you’re looking for, the U.S. will be able to offer the perfect place to film. Cities, forests, deserts – you name it, the U.S. has it all!

If you’re looking for U.S film locations., then look no further – in ascending order, here are

The best places to film in the U.S.A!

#5 – The best places to film in Austin Texas

Known as the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’, Austin is home to many unique attractions that extend far beyond its musical reputation – museums, gardens, shopping centres, and more can be found in this Texan city. This only means one thing – a diverse range of settings and film locations for your next production!

The Best Places to Film in the U.S.ACost

The first thing you will want to consider is the cost of hiring a film production crew in Austin.

Depending on the type of content you’re looking to produce, as well as the length, you may be looking at around $3000-$15000and above for a video production in Austin.


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You will find that there are several video production companies in Austin that will be able to guide you through the production of your project.

Casting agencies in Austin

To start off with, for a successful end-product, you may need a talented cast, which can be provided to you by a casting agency. Some casting agencies in Austin include:

  • Collier Talent
  • The Brown Agency
  • Callidus Agency

Video agencies in Austin

To really bring your ideas to life, you need an expert video production crew that will direct you and offer their experienced insight to make your video pop.

In Austin, there are several video production companies available. Some examples are:

  • Lemonlight
  • Cognitive Films
  • Sparksight



Austin is a versatile city featuring a plethora of stunning, interesting locations that you can use as backdrops for your upcoming project.

Here are some excellent examples:

  • Mount Bonnell – there is no better place to capture the beauty of a Texan sunset than from the peak of this mountain!
  • South Congress Avenue – capturing the vibe of Austin flawlessly, this area features several different film locations that have starred in productions such as Boyhood and Death Proof.
  • Barton Springs Pool – serving as the backdrop in 2011’s Tree of Life, this beautiful spring-fed pool is the perfect film location for a watery setting.

The Best Places to Film in the U.S.A

#4 – The best places to film in San Francisco

San Francisco is certainly an intriguing visit – culture, tech, music, stunning views, and diverse sights are amalgamated into one city. As such, you are sure to find captivating shots for your video production wherever you go.

The Best Places to Film in the U.S.A


As is the case in many other areas of the US, costs will vary tremendously depending on the length and scale of your video, as well as the shots you want to capture. However, for example, for a simple production of around 1-2 minutes long, you should adjust your budget to around $3000-5000.


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With San Francisco being the main hub for tech production, as well as a culture-rich hotspot, you can expect plenty of film production talents to be found in this area.

Casting agencies in San Francisco

Contacting a casting agency is the best route to take to find the perfect cast for your shoot, and there are many in San Francisco at your disposal, such as:

  • Nancy Hayes Casting
  • Scout Model & Talent Agency
  • Beau Bonneau Casting

Video agencies in San Francisco

Video agencies are essential for video production – which is why those looking to delve into the world of video production will be glad to hear that there are many San Francisco video production agencies waiting for your call!

Some notable examples include:

  • Maximize Video Productions
  • Corduroy Media
  • Casual Films



One thing’s for sure with San Francisco – you will never find a shortage of stunning film locations! Here are some honourable mentions:

  • Golden Gate Bridge – being one of San Francisco’s main sightseeing destinations, it’s only natural that this vast bridge be included as an excellent film location.
  • Chinatown – San Francisco’s Chinatown is one of the oldest in the U.S., and its lively atmosphere and diverse culture make for an intriguing backdrop.
  • Alamo Square Park – for a touch of greenery in the middle of this bustling city, Alamo Square Park is the place for a vibrant, lush setting.

#3 – The best places to film in Miami

Featuring a lively atmosphere, an abundance of art deco architecture, and, not to mention, irresistibly warm weather, Miami is an urban oasis – and the perfect place for your next sunny shoot.

The Best Places to Film in the U.S.A
MIAMI BEACH, USA – AUGUST 27, 2016 : The Lincoln Road Shopping Mall, a popular destination for tourists and fashion lovers in Miami Beach


For a film production crew, you may find yourself paying $3000/day and above, with post-production work costs varying from $200-1850 and above, depending on the project.


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If you find yourself captivated by the charm and beauty of Miami and want to capture it in your next project, then you will be glad to know that there are several options to choose from in terms of Miami film production agencies.

Casting agencies in Miami

One of the first things a good shoot needs is a good cast, and Miami offers excellent casting services, with casting agencies such as:

  • SELECT Miami Talents
  • Arenas Casting
  • Lori Wyman Casting

Video agencies in Miami

Miami also features video production agencies aplenty, such as:

  • Merge Studios
  • Bonomotion
  • Reyfilm



For those who crave warm weather, crystalline waters, sunny beaches, and a bustling city atmosphere, Miami is the place to be, which is why it has served as the backdrop for several productions, such as Marley and Me, Miami Vice, Goldfinger, and Scarface.

Some of the most popular filming locations that you may want to check out are:

  • Ocean Drive – one of the most popular areas in the whole of Miami, this promenade is full of light, life, and colour – perfect for a bright, lively shot!
  • Bayside Marketplace – much like the rest of the city, this mall is bright, busy, and vibrant.
  • Coconut Grove – the lush village of Coconut Grove is the perfect backdrop for a shot needing a bit of shade and greenery
  • Crandon Park Beach – for a background of swaying palm trees and sandy shores, Crandon Park Beach is the place to visit.

#2 – The best places to film in New York

New York is the place to go if you are a lover of the city and its daily hustle-and-bustle, and not only is it a great tourist destination – it’s also the ideal setting for any city-based shot!

The Best Places to Film in the U.S.ACost

Prices vary between New York video production agencies, as well as depending on the type and scale of your production, but on average you may expect to pay between $3000-7000 a day for a New York production crew.


Knowledge – Quality of People

New York is a popular film location, meaning you can expect to find many agencies on hand that will help realise your production dreams.

Casting agencies in New York

One thing your production may need is an excellent cast, and New York casting agencies can help you find just that. Choose from one of the many casting agencies in New York, such as:

  • Central Casting New York
  • Wulf Casting
  • Grant Wilfley Casting

Video agencies in New York

Next you will need a New York video agency made up of a talented camera crew and production team that can turn your ideas into reality. Some examples of video production agencies in New York are:

  • True Film Production
  • Atlantic Pictures
  • Brooklyn Studios



Being a popular setting for countless films and TV shows, the bustling city of New York is chock-full of stunning film locations, ready to be the backdrop for your next production.

Here are some of the most popular New York film locations:

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art – often referred to as “the Met”, this is the largest museum in the U.S., and it has featured in productions such as Ocean’s Eight, When Harry Met Sally, and Gossip Girl.
  • Central Park – this park offers an overwhelmingly vast area of green space, meaning it has a bit of everything: paths, lakes, sports fields; you name it!
  • Empire State Building – capture outstanding views of the city from the observatory decks that this building offers.
  • Times Square – one of the busiest pedestrian intersections worldwide, it serves as a captivatingly chaotic, charming background.


#1 – The Best Places to Film in Los Angeles

Los Angeles – The City of Angels, the City of Flowers and Sunshine, the Entertainment Capital of the World; the myriad of nicknames this city possesses is an ode to its beauty and popularity. This, plus the fact that it is the hub of all things entertainment, means there is no location that is more perfect for your next filming project!

The Best Places to Film in the U.S.ACost

The cost of hiring a video production company in Los Angeles and filming your video can vary wildly depending on how long the video is, how long it takes to produce, the equipment and shots needed, etc. etc. As such, you will find that the cost for a full film production crew can range from $500/hr to $3,000/hr. Huge range, right?

Before hiring a crew, however, you will first need to get filming permissions, so you will need to apply for a film permit, which will cost you in the range of $685 (though this can go up to $4,000 for sought-after locations like Santa Monica Beach).


Knowledge – Quality of People

It may come at no surprise to hear that Los Angeles, the Entertainment Capital of the World, is chock-full of video production talents that are waiting to work on your project!

Casting agencies in Los Angeles

There is no better way to find your perfect cast than through a casting agency, and there are certainly many casting agencies in Los Angeles to choose from, such as:

  • Abrams Artists Agency
  • LA Talent
  • Aperture Talent

Video agencies in Los Angeles

Video agencies are aplenty in Los Angeles, meaning whatever your requirements, ideas and visions are, you will be able to find the perfect LA video production company for you!

Some talents include:

  • Casual Films
  • Lemonlight
  • VeracityColab



Los Angeles is simply brimming with gorgeous film locations for you to take advantage of – after all, there aren’t many other places where you can find beaches, suburbs, mountains, and cityscapes in such close proximity to one another!

Some of the best film locations in Los Angeles are:

  • Santa Monica Pier – many of you will be familiar with this famous pier located on Santa Monica Beach; it has served as the backdrop for many shows and movies, like Lucifer and Forrest Gump.
  • Venice Beach – the second most permitted (and most popular) filming location in LA, Venice Beach is the ultimate California setting; beautiful, sunny, and diverse.
  • Griffith Observatory – this observatory is one of the most iconic landmarks in Los Angeles, with a view that spans the whole city, as well as the renowned Hollywood Sign.
  • Woodley Park – this park offers a change of pace from the bustling city backdrop of downtown LA, with its green spaces and shrubbery.
The Best Places to Film in the U.S.A