Corporate Video


Corporate Video Production Company in Los Angeles

Corporate video production is an interesting way to reveal novel business opportunities and deliver a message, as long as there is a balance between important information and captivating story. This type of video marketing for small businesses is beginning to enter the mainstream, and here at Beast Los Angeles we aim to create engaging corporate video through a profound production process that can be tailored to the brand’s specific ambitions and budget.

Our first step will be organising a Skype call with the business, where we will begin to build a profile of the nuances of the business in order to ultimately home in on the most vital component, the USP. To further delve into the company’s goals and ideals, a face-to-face interview will be set up by us with the business where we will further discuss the truths and details of the brand. This will allow us to develop a unique story, which is the key to creating an incredibly engaging and interesting corporate video for the viewers, whether that be employees or customers. By opening up your business’ ideals, you will enable the audience to create a personal connection with you and your brand. As an example of our proficiency in corporate video production, our UK headquarters, Beast London, recently created a corporate video for Cambridge Audio titled “British Sound”, which ended up winning in the B2B video category at the 2017 London Brand Film Festival. This corporate video told a captivating story, taking the audience on a journey from Cambridge Audio’s conception in the early sixties, through the later decades, up until the modern day at the company offices in London Bridge. Through the process of producing this corporate video, we discovered that exploring the history of Cambridge Audio and having our actor tell the company’s story in his home environment offered an honest insight into the brand’s profound story. The fruit of this labour was ultimately an engaging, creative, and award-winning corporate video.

Creating an engaging corporate video
Stories can be found anywhere and everywhere, and each brand has its own ideals from which a unique, engaging story can be born and nurtured. More and more frequently are we being contacted by brands looking for an “in-house video” to share with their team to promote inspiration and a feeling of community – this is an example of a business-to-business (more commonly known as B2B) video. With this type of video, you want to make the brand’s story and ethos known and understood by the company’s employees, so a distinct message can be broadcasted that is both aspirational, yet realistic. To accomplish this, the help of a corporate video production agency in Los Angeles will prove to be invaluable, and this is what Beast Los Angeles aims to achieve. Corporate video production may often be limited or constrained, whether that be by a close deadline or a tight budget. As such, you will need to find a budget-friendly yet quality corporate video production company in Los Angeles that will be able to find ways to accommodate production within these bounds. This is where we step in – we can help you figure out exactly how to do this in a way that meets both your vision and budget. Through our unique creative angle, we will employ our proficiency in both storytelling and filmmaking to produce a meaningful, story-driven and visually impactful piece that will convey a profound message to your customers and employees.
There are many ways to accomplish this in fresh, new, unique forms that is sure to capture your audience. If you give us a call, we can arrange a short chat that we will follow up with an interview, where we will brainstorm to come up with several paths that we can travel down to produce your corporate video. We can work within whatever budget you have in mind in order to create an impactful corporate video that will send your company’s message and ethos across to your viewers in an inspirational yet truthful way. If you want to get the ball rolling and set off in the right direction, start searching for a corporate video production agency in Los Angeles today. Or, if this is outside your budget, start planning your own production process for a corporate video – you can always start off with short interviews and create your own b-roll footage from around the office. Once you have built up enough funding and have widened your budget, you can give us a call and we can pick up where you left off to collaborate on the best creative corporate video for your brand.