Photography Company Los Angeles

Most of us take photos almost every day, especially with the rise of photo-based social media platforms such as Instagram compelling us to take photographs of and post things such as ourselves, pets, sunsets, and even our meals. For many of us it’s a rather basic process – just point and shoot, right? Well, not quite.

More and more people are starting to realise just how complex photography can be, with more of us paying closer attention to things like lighting, angles, and colours. There are a lot of different factors that play into taking a truly good photo, so hiring a photography company such as Beast Los Angeles is probably for the best if you’re looking for photographs that look professional and visually appealing. Our expertise in operating camera equipment and our intimate grasp on photography elements such as lighting, composition, and framing will bring your shot to the next level.

Having quality photographs can be incredibly important in a lot of ways, and especially if you are looking to promote your brand. For instance, if you have ever perused sites such as eBay then you should know that taking high-quality photos of your product is absolutely vital if you want to bring in more people, as your photos can either make or break your product. People tend to be repelled by grainy, unclear, or badly lit photos, even if the product itself may be perfectly good. Instead, they are more drawn towards well-lit and clear photographs.

Photography Company Los Angeles
Photography Company Los Angeles

Taking photos of people and environments can also be rather complex, but, thankfully for you, here at Beast we have all the know-how to make the photoshoot all worth the while by producing outstanding photographs. Our team is made up of highly creative and skilled photographers who will take your shoot in directions you probably would’ve never even thought of to produce unique, visually stunning photographs. Additionally, having our office based in Los Angeles allows us to utilise a number of gorgeous locations to feature as the background of your next photo.

We have experience working on a number of different photography projects such as fashion photography, portraits, celebrity photography and lifestyle photography. We have photographed a number of different incredible celebrities such as Kevin Bacon and the Beastie Boys, as well as worked for brands such as Red Bull to deliver top-standard work. Our broad repertoire means that we can look at your project from different perspectives to come up with new, fresh ideas that will send your photos’ appeal through the roof.

We’ve talked a lot about how complex photography is, but what exactly goes into taking a good photo? To some it may still seem like a simple task, but there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Photography Company Los Angeles
Photography Company Los Angeles

What Goes into Taking a Good Photo?

Though they are sometimes referred to as different things or some are combined with each other, in general, there are seven base elements that go into photography. These are: line, shape, form, texture, pattern, colour, and space. These are the elements that make up your whole photo, and each one can be played around with in order to yield different results. The way you represent these elements will determine how the viewer will view your photo.

Photography Company Los Angeles
Photography Company Los Angeles


Simply put, composition refers to how elements in your scene are arranged in your photo. By playing with composition you can change the dynamic of the photo and the points of focus. There are several loose guidelines that you can follow when it comes to composition, one of which being the rule of thirds.

The rule of thirds dictates that, in order to determine where to place important elements in a scene, you must first divide the frame into 9 equal rectangles by 3 lines across and 3 lines down. The elements that you want to showcase the most must be put either along at least one of these lines, or in places where these lines intersect. As a result, your photo will be seen as well-composed and visually appealing.

You can also go for symmetry in order to make your photo look well-composed – this can either be done by placing subjects in the centre of symmetrical scenes, or by using reflections to create a look of symmetry



Lighting is another vital aspect of photography, as the way and the direction from which light hits an object can drastically change the look of the whole scene. The atmosphere can be altered by playing with shadows and brightness to create either dramatic looks or airier feels. Lighting techniques will often change based on your subject and what the goal is – for instance, product photos will often use lights in a way that reduces the lengths of the shadows as much as possible to give a clear view of the product.



Sometimes photos may not look incredible right off the bat, which is where editing comes in. Our detail-oriented experts have the skills to edit photos in a way that will take them from great to excellent through meticulous touch-ups.