Tony French

Tony French Post Production Producer

Aside of designing the Logo for a band called Oasis a few years back, our Mancunian Editor is also not just brilliant at graphic design, he’s one hell of an editor. After a few years climbing the ropes in London, Tony left to join Leo Burnett in Dubai where he headed their new in house post production suite. Working with clients such as British Airways, Mcdonalds, Nike and Coca Cola. Returning to the UK bought him to our doors, thankfully. At Beast Tony doesn’t just head our post production, he is also free to follow his dreams to write. Creative on multiple levels he has just finished writing his first feature film script, as well as now growing a substantial following online as a multi media artist. As you can imagine, with so much creativity flowing, what he brings to an edit is always over and above what we expect. Its always exciting to see where he takes it.